Clean up Windows 10 better with 03 genuine software suggestions from well-known security firms

In addition to antivirus software, security vendors also do not forget to take care of about cleaning up for Windows.

Although Windows 10 is equipped with features and system cleanup tools, there are very few users them because they are very “hidden” in the system, in addition to functional limitations. Therefore, users often look to third-party software solutions to clean and optimize Windows.

In this article, we will refer to three cleaning software options in Windows 10, developed and published by three well-known security companies today, we invite you to read and try.

Trend Cleaner

This is an application released as UWP for Windows 10. Trend Cleaner is developed by Trend Micro, a well-known security firm with many products like Trend Micro RansomBuster or Trend Micro Internet Security.

Trend Cleaner provides users with 03 main function options, including cleaning up system junk, finding / deleting duplicate files and finally statistics, displaying a list of large data.

The garbage data that Trend Cleaner detects after scanning will be sorted by specific groups, thereby allowing users to choose to delete or not delete to regain free space for the system.

The scanning and cleaning process is quite fast and safe so you can safely use it for a long time without worrying about deleting the wrong data.

Avira System Speedup

Is the product from “red parasol” Avira. Avira System Speedup is considered a software package that cleans, speeds up and optimizes Windows 10 “all in one”.

The interface is quite nice and easy to use, so you won’t have to be surprised when you first use Avira System Speedup.

Avira System Speedup is released with 2 versions, free and paid. If you are an individual user and don’t have much demand, the free version is more than enough for you. And conversely, you will be equipped with more advanced features if you upgrade to the paid version.

In addition to cleaning features, Avira System Speedup is also equipped with many other attractive features such as optimizing the operating system boot process, managing Windows performance depending on the task you choose, backup and system restore…

In general, if you have a lot of time, you can research and discover dozens of cool features that Avira System Speedup brings to get the best optimal settings for Windows.


Acquired by Avast, CCleaner is considered one of the best and most used Windows cleaning software today.

The interface is simple, free, the ability to find and clean extremely smart plus the different languages support are the top advantages that users can easily see at CCleaner.

Besides basic cleaning features, CCleaner is also equipped with quite a lot of attractive tools and features that you can fully use without any restrictions to upgrade to the paid version.

Above are 3 options for the best cleaning and optimization software for Windows 10 from well-known security companies, hope you will choose for yourself a quite suitable suggestion to use.