Give Your New Business That Competitive Edge With Email Marketing

Email marketing is still one of the most powerful and effective tools in the marketplace today. Whatever your strategy, whatever your goals, you need to implement a solid email marketing campaign into your marketing mix. One campaign can reach thousands of people, all over the world, landing in their in-box within seconds, 24/7. Email marketing can boost your sales; renew old clients, while ensuring that your name and product is continually before their minds.

Success can never be guaranteed to anyone. Hype and clichs, will not give you the keys to being productive or smart. Therefore, in a tough economy, email marketing can be an entrepreneur’s best friend. Balancing your business and personal life is not easy, so the tough need to be creative and resourceful. As you know, any serious investment of time and money comes with its own set of risks, but, by using good tactics, you can achieve successful results making the challenge and risk, worth the taking.

Why use email marketing? A well-planned email campaign can:

Raise sales conversions Promote repeat sales Help cross and up sell your products and services Gain valuable comments and feedback from your prospects, visitors, and clients Boost your web traffic

Integrating SEO Tools into your Email Marketing Campaigns

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Using email campaign software, you automatically have all the SEO Tools full integrated and waiting to be implemented into your next campaign. With the click of a mouse, you can start a viral campaign, spreading to hundreds or even thousands of people, beyond your original targeted list, through forwards and sharing.

Knowing your keywords and key phrases: Knowing the words people use when they search for your product or service is vital. Take advantage of Google’s free keyword search tool website. Discover what keywords are most frequently used for your industry, product, or service. Once that is known, you can write your website and blog content around those words, creating rich keyword content. Another great advantage this tool offers is the ability to see your competitor’s keywords. Put their URL in the appropriate box and Google will extract their significant keywords and phrases they are using on their websites and blogs. What an incredible source of knowledge.

Backlink Strategies:

Backlinks are simply links that will lead back to your landing page, blog, or website. You can incorporate backlinks by:

1. Writing Articles: Writing interesting articles about your products and services is an easy way to get your brand viral. There are dozens of free article sites that give you the opportunity to write about your industry, while creating links in your resource box. If your article is valuable, people click on your link to see who you are and what you do.

2. Creating a Company Blog: Having your own company blog enables you to speak about whatever you want. This opens the door to direct communications with visitors, prospects, and clients.

An advantage to note: Google indexes blogs and articles. They show up when people are doing keyword and key phrase searches. Using the right keywords, your blogs and articles become viral.

3. Developing Strategic Landing Pages: Before sending out your email marketing campaign, you will need a suitable landing page that matches and parallels your content and call to action. When designing that page, it is important to make sure that when your recipient clicks through and lands on that page, they know what to do. Your directions must be clearly defined or you may lose that sale through frustration.

4. Know the Law – Be Informed. Activetrail upholds and adheres to the Federal CAN-SPAM Act, which protects consumers against unwanted email. Activetrail does not promote or support spamming.

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