How Do You Choose a Domain Name?

How Do You Choose a Domain Name?

A domain name is the chosen ‘address’ your business will have online and so it should be chosen very carefully. Our own website, Online Business Thought, was chosen for its use of the “keywords” – Online Business- and the simple concept of an individual thought. This allows people to easily associate the site with its content. If you have a business name already then your options may be a little easier.

Business Specific Names

As mentioned above, if you have a business that is already establish you will want to trade off that name when you move online. An example like would be a perfect example of translating your business name into a web domain. Don’t forget, if you are a business in a specific region then you should definitely purchase a country specific domain such as .au for Australia.

You may also want to combine your business name with what your business does if the name is not specific enough.

Service Specific Names

To help search engine optimisation you can also include what your business does in the domain name. This would involve using the word “plumbing” for a plumbers website or “building” for a construction company. While non-industry specific names are ok, you have to make sure your website and SEO are targeted to promote your business properly through the search engines.

Regional Names

Niche regional sites are fantastic and if you are living and working with your business in a specific place then they are almost essential. Just adding the name of your city to your business name can go a long way to increasing business. You should really look at naming your site and doing SEO in three ways:

Specific City area in the domain name (eg New York)
State or province in your SEO and website copy.
Country. This way you limit your visitors to specific people who you need to be in contact with.

If you are running a business through a website that can be accessed and used anywhere then you can avoid using regional places for your site. However, a travel website would be a good example of where you can be region specific and attract overseas visitors.

Worthwhile Money Making Names

If you do a search for particular dot com names in a popular niche m,arket you will find many of them already registered. Another idea to make some money online is to find ones that people haven’t thought of and develop them yourself. If you have some knowledge in a particular area then this is a great way to play around and possibly make some good money online.

Don’t be scared to experiment with websites as the actual domain names cost very little and can be discarded later. Plus, if you develop an ok site with a good domain name then your site may be sellable. Check with popular keywords and possible ways of making money before registering anything though!

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