How to use Kahoot Spam Bot effectively

Kahoot is an incredibly popular tool for teachers to use with their students. It is a simple quiz tool that makes it easy to create a fun activity for the whole class. You simply type in the question and the answer, and then players have to select the correct answer from a list of possible answers. You can also limit how many people can answer each question, creating some healthy competition among the students. The game is fun, interactive, and perfect for learning. However, sometimes you may want to create a quick quiz on the fly, but don’t want to go through the hassle of setting up a Kahoot account. There is a solution for that. It’s called Kahoot Spam Bot . Making effective use of Kahoot needs a thorough understanding of the platform and how it functions.

How to use Kahoot Spam Bot effectively

If you are an instructor who wishes to ensure that your students learn while having fun, it is critical to use photographs, animations, audio, and other multimedia tools.

A unique difficulty that these types of apps face is the focus on designing enjoyable interactions that encourage participation by a larger number of students at the expense of a higher degree of competition. This may result in feelings of boredom or distress in big crowds, based on their position on the leaderboard. Teachers circumvent this by using differential challenges and including both “critical” and “easy” questions into the same live session.

Though playing during the quizzes is the primary component of the experience, there is a case to be made for the Kahoot production and search and locate tasks (which could be reused in the future) becoming educationally useful.

In a conventional classroom

It is important to instruct students about how to effectively utilize the technologies and devices used to address these quizzes.

You may develop assessments for students to complete independently or in teams to facilitate community interaction and interest sharing among students.

The questions can be followed by gestures, noises, or sketches that students may do in order to earn a higher grade.

In real-time online environments

Kahoot is an excellent tool for interactive meetings. It is often used at the conclusion or in the center of lengthy classes, since it significantly enhances students’ alertness in a brief period of time.

Inside the self-paced mode

The rivalry against the clock is one of the factors that contribute to a Kahoot’s increased interest and attendance. When students are unwilling to engage in a dual task, Kahoot provides “challenges” with a completion deadline.

More broadly, similar to flashcards, Kahoot can be used as a supplement to personal research, particularly given the ease with which students can make their own games. Indeed, one of the most frequent applications of Kahoot as a learning device is the group involvement of students in Kahoot, where they compete against one another. Creation is a formative process that demonstrates learned information and architecture, study, and presenting abilities.

What is the price of Kahoot? Pricing for Kahoot in 2021

Kahoot offers a perpetually free edition that you can use to familiarize yourself with the platform, dashboard, library, and quiz interfaces.

The free edition enables you to build an unlimited amount of Kahoots bot and play with an unlimited number of players (up to 10 at a time).

To overcome these limitations, Kahoot offers intimate, family, instructor, and institutional plans. Several of them offer a seven-day free trial. (They demand that you enter your credit card information.)

The rates shown below are current as of January 2021. Both subscriptions are priced in US dollars and are paid yearly in advance, though Kahoot offers monthly pricing. Since there does not seem to be a monthly subscription option for Kahoot, the details shown on their website could be misleading.

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