Best Online Keyword Research Tool for the PriceAffiliate Incomes

This is maybe a question you, as an affiliate income earner or website designer have asked yourself time and time again.

Looking for the best online keyword research tool has been something we have all been trying to find.The answer to the question has haunted you for as long as you have been using SEO. The market for online business has change dramatically over the past few years. SEO has become the way for some marketeers to increase there online traffic.

One of the key components of a good SEO program is the keyword tools. As the online business begins to expand finding the right keyword tool to fit your program is like purchasing a mattress for your bed. On the outside they all look the same. The variations are on the price and what is on the inside the makes you comfortable. The prices of keyword tools online range from FREE to $149 just to start your SEO program. Some charge a monthly for upgrades in order to use what they call their elite or pro level. Most will offer to an entry level with a limited amount of searches or search results. The key to a keyword research tool is which one your feel the most comfort with for the money.

The components of a keyword tool will make all the difference making the use easily adaptable to your business. Understanding you tool can decrease the time spent look at keywords the will not help you increase your ranking. With the decreased time spend on researching you keywords you can increase your time on other aspects of your business to make it grow. Lets look at some helpful data you will need increase the effectiveness of your keyword tool.

* Monthly Search: a good keyword tool will give you data telling you how often each month your keywords are being searched. If your keywords can be search say 10 times a day of 300 time a month your off to a good start.
* Estimated Traffic: this will give you an idea of how often your keywords will be clicked or appear on the first page of a search engine.
* Quoted Search Results: this can be one of you most important data results. This is the number of websites you will be competing with in the Google rankings. Google being the largest and most popular search engines in the world. Any data collected here should not exceed 400. Any number above 400 will make it difficult for your to get rankings.
* SEO Power: using the above 3 component together in order to make things just a little more understandable. If you don’t understand any of the above or are having difficult figuring the number. Why not use a simple 0 – 100 scale. Something we have been taught to understand for years in every aspect of our education. with 0 being low and 100 being the top of the scale.

While you watch the video. Follow along below with you own keyword. See for yourself how easy Jaaxy is to use and how fast the results will be.

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