Success in Network Marketing – Without Selling

One of the major reasons people believe they fail in network marketing is that they “don’t know how to sell”. The belief of most new network marketers, upon entering this industry, is that you have to be a “salesperson” to succeed. So they model the words, actions, and strategies of the either sales people they’ve seen in the movies – or sales people they’d personally dealt with. Then, a few months later, with no sales and only a few family members involved in the opportunity (thanks to the power of “guilt”), the jaded network marketer jumps ship, complaining that “it” doesn’t work.

The problem isn’t that “it” – network marketing – doesn’t work. It does work. People all over the world are making part-time and even full-time incomes in the network marketing industry. The problem is this belief that you have to “sell” to be successful in network marketing. This leads people to using the worst hard-selling techniques they’ve had used on them by car dealers and time-share sales reps. Not only are these tactics not useful in the network marketing industry, they can actually repel potential prospects.

So if selling isn’t how you become successful in the network marketing field, what is?

The secret to success in network marketing is educating your prospects. Whether it’s on the benefits of your product – or the life-changing power of your company’s opportunity, you’ll be miles ahead of other distributors in the same company if you’ll replace your selling strategies with a focus on teaching and training.

For example, if someone has a problem that is solved by your company’s product, the most powerful way to get that person to want to buy your product is to educate them on why your product is the best solution for their problem. In educating your prospects, you’re simply “helping” them making a correct choice that will benefit them. This goes back to the old saying: “People hate to be sold to, but they love to buy.” If you’ll step out of the sales person’s shoes – and into the shoes of someone there to help solve the problems of the prospect, you’ll find yourself generating more sales AND building a larger downline.

It’s the same way when you promote your company’s opportunity. When you find prospects who are looking to create a second income, that’s when you start to educate them on why your opportunity is the best way for them to create that income. No selling. No hard-core pitch. Simply educate them on WHY your opportunity will best suit their self-employment and income goals.

And, if your opportunity won’t help them achieve their goals, let them know. Not every product or opportunity is right for every person. In doing this, you’ll find that you’re becoming a respected “coach” or “trainer”, instead of a “sales person”, which most people innately distrust.

If you want to succeed in network marketing, stop trying to sell. Instead, create an “Educational System” where you prove, through facts, figures, and benefits, that your network marketing opportunity will help your prospect achieve their lifestyle and income goals.

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