How Could Business use Dating apps for Advertising

Going out of business or going out on a date? Well, not exactly like that, but Dating apps could be a very successful new platform for small-sized businesses and big companies to advertise their products and services and get one step closer to their potential customers. A bit intimately closer, I would say, but this is the era of social media. Business is adapting to the environment.

Love, love, and more love, sex, sex, and more sex. This is what rules the world. People are in constant search of attention, sex and love. So here are the Dating apps to help them to succeed with this mission.

Humans are meant to be in a couple or at least in some kind of relationship. Extroverts or introverts they all long to have someone. Gurus, methods, and different teachings are trying to help singles in their life adventure. So do Dating apps. Not so new, but yet not so popular tool that helps men and women to find their special someone or just someone. Dating apps like Bleenka, Tinder, Hot or Not, and the coming soon 3nderapp are gaining popularity worldwide and have millions of users.

Where is the business in this social field of relationships? I couldn’t find it. So I decided to give companies some ideas about the vast opportunities out there. Challenges that could potentially bring benefits to small business owners and popular brands. You know what they say: the first guests take the best pieces of the pie.

Moralists or not, aligned to the brand identity or not, a decision to include dating apps in your social media advertising strategy could be a successful move. Or not. Take a look at those opportunities and apply the most appropriate ones in your strategies. Inspiration is the first step of creativity. And creativity, combined with good positioning and strategic decisions bring success. You know that.

10 creative Ideas on how to use Dating apps for your business

1) Be a Dating consultant – Here the opportunities are many. Inviting someone to a date is crucial and essential moment for every boy and girl, especially for the not so experienced ones. You can be the one they trust by providing great dating tips. You can provide help in finding appropriate restaurants in the area, good entertaining places. This way you will earn a name of friendly and reliable company.

2) “Take an advice from a sexologist”/ Virtual advisor – Perfect for professionals like sexologists, psychologist and related professions. When someone arranges a meeting you can be the one that will provide useful tips related with.

3) Notifications/ push messages – You can be spammy if you want, by sending periodically push messages. Like reminders to buy flowers for an upcoming date, wine for a dinner.

4) List for a date – Everything that a user could need, organized in a check-list. Singles will find you useful, and you will be a reliable source of information, products and tips in those exciting moments – the dates.
5) Love letters– They currently don’t exist as functionality (just like the other suggestions), but could be a great opportunity to put your logo on a love note that users will send to their special someone. Flirting or truly in love, users could love that.

6) Online Sex shops – Great area for product positioning. Especially for apps like 3nderapp where the app is based on sex interests. If Facebook couldn’t be that accurate on targeting your potential audience, here things are simple, very precise and accurate. Erotic underwear for the perfect threesome night, toys, and all sex stuff needed for an outstanding entertainment and pleasure. The benefit for the users – special targeting and some “basic” knowledge about the other partner. Avoiding uncomfortable questions on the period of selection the partner.

7) Interests – By setting up brand preferences or favouriting particular brands, users can provide chance for product positioning. Is she a fan of Diesel? Is he wearing an Adidas t-shirt? Or is that Nike? Or “I am a smart, 25 year old male with blond hair who enjoys reading Harry Potter.” And here, the perfect hint from the bookstore comes. If users indicate their brand preferences and specific interests on their dating app profiles you could also benefit on that by being there and providing what they like.

8) Online stores – I cannot imagine someone to spend time looking through online catalogs instead of girls’ profiles, because as Bleenka says: “Love is just a blink away!”. And right because of that if there are some delicate and creative options for online shopping then it might be worth trying using them.

9) Hotels – Tempt those lovebirds to spend their time together in a romantic atmosphere. Private, exciting and precisely targeted potential customers.

10) Share love cards – Tinder states that the app is changing the way singletons meet. If we apply that affirmation to the virtual reality around us, then we can agree that people definitely have changed the way they meet. Let’s take Bump app for example. The revolutionary networking app allows entrepreneurs to replace the traditional business cards with virtual ones. Users can share photos, files and contact info by “bumping” two smartphones together. In the case with dating apps when two people meet, they can share their virtual love cards. The advantage for them is that it’s easier to say something virtually than verbally, especially when you don’t know the other person (yet). The advantage for the business? Product positioning.

Apps like Bleenka and Tinder are fun, require linking to Facebook and are perfect environment for advertising. Brands can make those apps more popular, more entertaining, more engaging and therefore – bring more users, which will lead to more benefits for the business. If Heineken launches a campaign based on a dating app such as: Invite your beloved one for a beer. Then success is guaranteed.

All those ideas need to be discussed and applied by the app creators, but if one of them is not willing to participate you can always choose the competitor. Embark on a journey in the world of Dating apps. Spend some time and test them before choosing the best matches for your business purposes. See how they work, how their users look like, what do they do, what their habits are, what their demographics are. Are there enough potential customers in your area? If you are a local restaurant and you are located in a mid-size town where the active profiles of 25 – 35 years old users are around 200, then it might not be worthy trying to include that media in your advertising strategy. Especially when the question with pricing is unclear.

Still wondering whether to include Dating apps or not in your advertising strategy? In the end, the logical question is: why? What makes dating apps better than any other social media channel? Well, the answer is simple – nothing! : )

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