The Ultimate NBA 2K22 Locker Codes Guide

It’s that time of the year again, where gamers across the world get hyped for the latest installment in the popular basketball simulation franchise – the NBA 2K series. If you are a hardcore NBA fan, chances are you have already reserved your spot for the ultimate hoops experience this October with the upcoming release of NBA 2K22. While you will get to play as your favorite NBA players in the virtual world, you also need to know how to get good in-game items. The good news is that, thanks to the amazing folks over at 2K Sports, we have a solid guide that can walk you through how to get the best items in-game!

NBA 2K22 Locker Codes Guide

We are here to walk you through the best NBA 2K22 locker codes, along with helpful recommendations and guides to get the best players in the game at launch. Keep reading to discover how to get the best NBA 2K players and in-game items for your MyPLAYER and MyTEAM experience!

It is the NBA’s 74th season, and you can experience it with NBA 2K22. We have compiled a guide that will help you through all the steps to get NBA 2K MyPlayer, MyTeam, and MyTEAM ready for you to play this year. To get the best experience out of your NBA 2K experience, you can follow these steps.

– Install NBA 2K22

– Know your MyTEAM Cards

– Unlock In-Game Items

– Check MyLEAGUE Updates

– Conclusion

Install NBA 2K22

There are a few different ways to get NBA 2K22. You can get it digitally through the Xbox Store, PlayStation Store, and on Steam, as well as as a physical copy on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Download the game and make sure you’re using the most recent patch (version 1.02), then you’re ready to go. You can also purchase a physical copy at GameStop.

Know your MyTEAM Cards

The best way to get good in-game items is by collecting and trading cards. Each player has different cards that you can collect and trade with other players, opening up new items for your MyTeam collection. To collect your first MyTeam card, head to the “retail card” menu from the MyPLAYER menu and select “retail card.” Then select “list” and you should see your first MyTeam card.

There are four types of cards:

– Gold – these cards are the most common and have no real value.

– Diamond – these are pretty rare, and may have some sort of bonus on them.

– Star – These are the rarest cards, and will always have a special bonus on them.

– Hybrid – Hybrid cards are a mix of Gold, Diamond, and Star cards, and have a special bonus.

Unlock In-Game Items

Now that you have your cards, you can start unlocking items for your MyTeam player. For example, if your card has a gold star, you can collect more gold stars to unlock better items like equipment.

To collect an item, you need to head to the “MyTeam” menu from the main menu and select “challenges.” You will see all of the challenges you have completed, and then it says “unlocked items.” Here you can collect any items you’ve unlocked!

Check MyLEAGUE Updates

Now that you have your game up and running, it’s time to head to MyLEAGUE and see what updates are available. You want to make sure that your games are stable and are not crashing on you, or that you have any bugs that need to be fixed. If you’re having any technical issues, you should check the MyLEAGUE updates to see what they need help with.


There you have it! This is how to get good in-game items in NBA 2K22. Make sure to follow these steps, and you’ll be able to jump right into the best experience possible this year!

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